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Texas emerges as top destination for Californians fleeing state

Posted by David Gunderson on Aug 31, 2015 4:04:25 PM

Californians fled the state in unprecedented numbers over the last decade, and their primary destination was Texas, according to an analysis issued Monday.

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Oil Prices Make a Difference in Performance of Texas Apartments

Posted by USFC Team on Aug 7, 2015 10:24:00 AM

This post was written by Kenneth Herbert. Kenneth is a Research Assosicate at Dallas-based Axiometrics. You can view his original post by clicking here. 

Texas has consistently been ahead of the curve when it comes to the ability to maintain steady employment. The only time in the last 40 years when Texas’ economy declined faster than the nation’s was during the mid-'80s, when the oil market fell flatter than it has ever been since.

Currently, as oil prices have plummeted from $102.59 a barrel in March 2014 to $45.36 in August 2015, the market for Texas apartments in certain areas throughout the state have been hit hard, even though the state’s job market continues to grow, according to Axiometrics’ apartment market research. While oil-rich areas suffer, other markets located nearby also slip.  So far this year, a little more than 23,000 jobs have been lost in Texas’ Mining & Logging sector, of which oil and gas comprise the largest part. As the unemployment percentages rise in oil-dependent locales – Houston’s, Odessa’s and Beaumont-Port Arthur’s jobless rates are higher than the state average -- both the single-family and apartment housing markets recede in a very similar manner.

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Green Card a través del programa EB-5 para inmigrantes

Posted by USFC Team on Aug 7, 2015 10:13:00 AM

Una persona con una Green Card tiene derecho a vivir y trabajar de forma permanente en los Estados Unidos 

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Por medio del progra- ma de visa para inversionistas EB-5 dirigido a inmigrantes, la compañía americana se estableció en Colombia para orientar a las personas que quieran obtener la residencia permanente o Green Card en los Estados Unidos de una forma segura.

El Gerente agregó que la asesoría que ofrece la firma va desde asuntos financieros y de inversión, hasta temas como salud, vivienda, educación y todo lo relacionado con el acople del inversionista y su familia en el país extranjero.

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