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EB-5: The Best (and Only?) Option for Many Indian Nationals (v2)

Posted by USFC Team on Aug 22, 2018 6:03:14 AM
It is not easy being a citizen of India who wants to live and work in the U.S. and become a legal permanent resident and possibly a citizen of the U.S. We know – – we represent many of them. Read More

Topics: EB-5, USA, India, Immigration, FD+, H1-B

Indians Flock To America’s ‘Golden Visa’ As H-1B Route Closes (v2)

Posted by USFC Team on Aug 22, 2018 6:02:22 AM
(CNN Money) — Facing a crackdown on their favorite visa to enter the United States, hundreds of wealthy Indians are turning to another program that fast tracks immigrants to a green card. Read More

Topics: EB-5, USA, India, Immigration, H1-B, Green Card, US

International Equities and the U.S. Dollar: Is It Time to Hedge? (v2)

Posted by USFC Team on Aug 22, 2018 6:00:05 AM
In a reversal from last year, the U.S. dollar has strengthened against other major currencies in 2018, reflecting rising U.S. rates, expectations of more Federal Reserve rate hikes and recent sluggish economic data outside the U.S. While U.S. dollar strength has broad implications for earnings and ... Read More

Topics: Investment, Hedge, USD, Equity

Dallas–Fort Worth economy expands at a torrid pace, 55000 new jobs added this year! (v2)

Posted by USFC Team on Aug 22, 2018 5:59:10 AM
The Dallas–Fort Worth economy continued to expand at a torrid pace. The May jobs report showed the metro area growing at a 3.7 percent annualized rate in the first five months of the year, adding a total of 55,500 net new jobs. The unemployment rate remained near record lows, and the Dallas and ... Read More

Topics: jobs, Texas, Dallas, economy, real estate, Employment, housing

3 Reasons to Invest in Debt and Fixed Income

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on Aug 22, 2018 5:58:19 AM
Debt and fixed income securities are some of the most underrated, but essential, assets in a portfolio. Unlike fixed deposits, or even equities, they generate a consistent stream of returns and can provide you protection during negative economic market events. They are a crucial diversifier that ... Read More

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