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Indians Flock To America’s ‘Golden Visa’ As H-1B Route Closes

Posted by USFC Team on May 2, 2018 9:28:40 AM

(CNN Money) — Facing a crackdown on their favorite visa to enter the United States, hundreds of wealthy Indians are turning to another program that fast tracks immigrants to a green card.

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EB-5: The Best (and Only?) Option for Many Indian Nationals

Posted by USFC Team on Apr 25, 2018 8:11:08 AM

It is not easy being a citizen of India who wants to live and work in the U.S. and become a legal permanent resident and possibly a citizen of the U.S. We know – – we represent many of them.

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Recent Value of the Indian Rupee

Posted by USFC Team on Dec 22, 2017 4:55:00 PM

The Indian rupee has remained stable over the course of several years, primarily due to norms put in place by the RBI. However, the volatility of the rupee’s movement is seen clustered around the global crisis period of 2008 and then again during the eventual slowing down of the Indian market economy due to QE programs abroad. The tight regulatory framework of the RBI is what constrained the rupee against the dollar amidst this volatility. Traditionally, the movement was kept by the reserve bank such that it remained within a window where exports became competitive. In contrast, the strength of the rupee today is a result of a strong inflow of capital traded that the rupee is facing due to artificially low interest rates across the globe and excess liquidity.

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The Effect of PSU Bank Recapitalization on The Economy of India

Posted by David Gunderson on Dec 18, 2017 7:44:00 AM

India’s banks have long been suffering from a massive pile up of non-performing assets on their balance sheets. This puts a strong drag on credit growth, which is exacerbated due to the recent sluggishness in the economy because of demonetization, aggregate liquidity, and demand shock. After a three-year record low of 5.7%, the Union Government decided to issue a massive credit infusion into the economy – a move that would help put India’s banks on the path to recovery.

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Chinese are snapping up EB-5. Are you missing a trick?

Posted by USFC Team on Apr 20, 2017 2:00:00 AM

America is the largest economy in the world. China’s is the second largest. When you have almost 75-85% quota of an immigrant investor program of the top country being captured by the second country, you need to ask yourself what you are missing. EB-5 is the fastest and usually the only route for unsponsored individuals and families to get a US green card and citizenship. The United States does not only provide a pretty high quality of life but is also among the most propitious countries to invest in.

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1,200 Indians Queue Up for EB-5 Green Cards

Posted by David Gunderson on Jul 2, 2016 12:58:57 PM
MUMBAI: The US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) approved 111 EB-5 visas for Indian applicants during the US fiscal year of October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015 (FY15). The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a "paid invitation" for non-Americans to invest and live the 'American dream'. While America still keeps its doors ajar for highskilled migrants (through student and job visas), Uncle Sam is looking for well-heeled foreigners who can invest in his country.

Applications from India, however, are insignificant compared with Chinese applicants, who managed to secure over 8,150 visa approvals in FY15. "Indians may go the China-way very soon... we're slowly becoming aware of this programme. Moreover, Indians are favoured over many other nationalities in the US," says Ankit Bhandari of US Freedom Capital. 

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